Habemus Praesem!

Praeses Koen (light trousers) with on his right hand Abactis Aryo,
on his left hand Questor Léon. Internus Maurice stands on the right side.

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum; habemus Praesem! Amice Ioannem Cornelium, qui vocatur Koen.
Enschede, 1-V-2014

Congratulate Koen on May 14's Ariëns Meeting:

Wednesday 14 May, 20.30h
Who is Alphonse Ariëns? / Celebration of our Dies Nominalis
Today we celebrate that on May 15 2008 our community was named after Msgr. Alphonse Ariëns (1860-1928). Historian Jan Hinke will help us to learn about Ariëns' meaning for social justice in the industrializing Netherlands. Afterwards we'll have a drink together to celebrate our community. It's also a great opportunity to meet our new praeses! Read more »

As of 1 May 2014 the senate of Ariëns Katholieke Studenten is formed as followed:
Praeses (President): Koen
Abactis (Secretary): Aryo
Questor (Treasurer): Léon
Internus (delegate for Community Building): Maurice
Externus (delegate for Promotion and Evangelization): vacant