We meet Christ in the Eucharist and in the friends we make at Ariëns. We have for example the monthly Ariëns Vrijhof Meetings at UT. We read the Bible, we pray together, we dine together or make trips out of town. Then there is also the Ariëns Music Ministry, where we make music together. You can also join the Ariëns Team to help organizing new evangelization activities.

Ariëns is a diverse Catholic family!


The common attraction we feel to Christ makes that we want to know Him better. Regularly we invite a priest or other expert as guest speaker to teach us more about Christ’s message of faith, hope and love. We use different types of media to communicate and to learn the Christian message. Sometimes we attend interesting activities organized by other groups.

Ariëns is your guide in Catholic Enschede!

Experience together

This is mainly what our faith is about: to experience our relationship with Christ and our relationship with the people around us. We experience this in our community and in the Sacraments at church. We are a young family in Christ, students or young academics. We experience Christ's love and beauty in liturgy, catechesis, prayer, charity and in leisure activities.

At Ariëns we aim to experience our faith to the full!