Why do you love coming to us?

To pray to God with others  is often mentioned as a motivation to come to our events.

We have meetings every week, and we are very happy to organize them. But as time flies organizing activities for Ariëns Katholieke Studenten Enschede could also become a routine. It could become a rythm leading nowhere. So before that would happen we took a little break to think about ourselves as community. On May 30, 2013 we took a seat around a big table asking ourselves some important questions. Here you find a short report on the conversation we had.

Why do you love coming to us?
Members mentoin that they like to come to have a break during the working week: a break to pray to God, but also a break to spend time with other people. It’s also often a combination: members like to experience the presence of God in the community we are in His name. The meetings are also described as an opportunity to talk about faith and to learn. Members experience that they get strength by the fact that others believe in God too. It is considered nice to be not “that stranger who believes”, but to know that there is togetherness in faith. Members coming from far away describe our meetings as a time to feel home, to be part of something that feels like a family.

What kind of people you would like to be with here?
Members like to meet people that have about the same age. It is mentioned that it is nice to share same interests. In this particular case it is mentioned that members share interest in learning and practicing the Catholic faith, but – because they share the same age and more or less the same occupation – also in other parts of daily life.

How committed would you like to be?
This is considered a question difficult to answer. Members say that they like to commit more, but they mention also the lack of time because of study and work. This makes it difficult to commit oneself, even when one would like to. Some members would like others 'in general' to show more commitment. They however note that you cannot force people to show more commitment. Someone adds that addressing someone’s talents can commit this person more, because than it is more fun to show commitment.

How big should our community be?
There is no reason seen not to grow bigger in number. However, members like that they know everyone. If the community would grow much bigger, a different organization is considered necessary, to make sure that people still feel closeness to each other.

How often should we meet?
The current number of meetings (once a week) is mostly considered fine. There is not much room for more activities, since work and study are also considered important parts of life. But decreasing the number of rosary meetings (from weekly to a lower frequency) is considered not an option. The weekly rosary is an activity all agree should remain weekly as our core activity. (Note that the International Mass, although mainly carried out by people of our student community, is in principle an activity organized by the parish.)

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