Controversial Michael Voris visits The Netherlands

Michael Voris
Michael Voris is coming to The Netherlands. On May 9 it is Tilburg's honour to be the place for today's church warriors. You will hear what "real Catholicism" is about and above all, what it is not. Michael Voris will prepare you for a battle against:

"the saccharine syrupy hand holding ultra-feminized altar girl protestant hymn singing social justice priest facing with his back to God staring at the people staring back at him Church – in short practically every parish in the western world."

That's interesting. Here in Enschede we have been taught by the example of Servant of God Msgr. Alphonse Ariëns that social justice is in fact something to work for in the light of Christ's love. Lifting people up out of their misery is a serious way to lift people up to God. The warrior tone which Michael Voris uses is also something one won't recognize in Msgr. Ariëns writings. In the early 1900's Fr. Ariëns prevented clashes between factory workers and factory owners in Twente telling them: "The weapon in our fight is the rosary!" We are not called to fight, we are called to pray. Fr. Ariëns is known for being a great thinker in Catholic social teaching. It is our intellect given by God we are called to use. Anger should not be our master. Prudence is a great Christian virtue.

Fr. Rosica
Another point: the archdiocese of Detroit (where Mr. Voris lives) stated that it does not regard Michael Voris "as being authorized to use the word Catholic to identify or promote their public activities." Rev. Fr. Thomas Rosica, who you may know from the latest papal transition as one of the official spokespersons of the Holy See in Vatican City, explains:

"When the name 'Catholic' is removed from one’s public activity and work, this is a very serious matter. Having known for some time of Michael Voris’ background, it is a story that invites us not into anger and rage, but into profound pity and prayer for him, and all those who have found his method, style and content significant for their lives. I have celebrated mass for Michael Voris this past weekend. May the Lord help him realize what he is doing. May the Lord heal him from the sadness and unreconciled heart that produces such Unchristian, virulent, slanderous behavior and disrespect for others."

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