3 Things you need to know about us:

Meet and learn, experience together! This is our slogan. It summarizes what we do: we meet and learn, we experience faith together!

We meet Christ in the Eucharist and we meet Christ in the friends we make at Ariëns. We meet in several groups. For example the Rosary Circle, where we pray and invite inspiring guest speakers. But there is also the Ariëns Music Ministry, where we make music to praise our Lord. Then there is the Ariëns Team, where we prepare and organize activities to share our faith. We also meet at the English-spoken International Mass, a youthful church service for students and expats. Some people join all groups. Others go to one of the groups only. It’s up to you!
Ariëns is like a warm and diverse Catholic family!

The common attraction we feel to Christ makes that we want to know Him better. Every month (and sometimes more often) a priest comes as guest speaker to teach us more about Christ’s message of faith, hope and love. At the International Mass (twice a month) we learn about the Gospel, we get inspired by the sermon given by the priest, and enrich our faith life with the sacraments. Sometimes we also attend interesting activities organized by other groups. If you
Ariëns is your guide in Catholic Enschede!
join us, you’ll also learn about activities and news from the local church. We provide you the useful information for a good stay in our town.

It’s mainly what our faith is about: experiencing our relationship with Christ. We experience it in the Eucharist and together: in our young community of friends in Christ, in liturgy, catechesis, prayer, charity and also simply in leisure activities.
At Ariëns we aim to experience our faith to the full!