Impressions of Ariëns' Dies 2012

In May 2012 Ariëns Catholic Students Enschede celebrated it 64th dies natalis. Historian Jan Hinke from the national Ariëns Committee was there to teach us more about Alfons Ariëns, the priest our group has been named after. Bishop Hoogenboom came to Enschede to celebrate a festive Mass with us, while we went to Utrecht to celebrate Mass with him at the Archdiocesan Palace's chapel. On Ascension day our group went to Hengelo, join a solemn Latin Mass at the Saint Lambertus Basilica. Some photographic impressions of the festivities:

Msgr. Dr. Alphonse Ariëns
On Thursday evening May 10, as a preparation for the Dies Natalis weeks of Ariëns Catholic Students, historian Jan Hinke from the Ariëns Committee came to Catholic Students' House Patmos to tell about Msgr. Alfons Ariëns. Being the person our group is named after it was a nice opportunity to reflect on our inspirator, to take a closer look at his works and his wisdom.

On Sunday May 13 auxiliary bishop Hoogenboom came from Utrecht to our city of Enschede, to celebrate an International Mass with us in English.

Andrea Herrera, (Ariëns Catholic Students), welcomed the people.

Aryo Breton van Groll, (Ariëns Catholic Studetns), welcomed bishop Hoogenboom.

Bishop Hoogenboom opened the Mass.

A music ministry accompanied the Mass

Deacon Paul van Blijswijk gave some extra attention to the children

Anthony Ohazulike as international student and Manfred van Kerckhoven as  Dutch parishioner
prayed the Prayer's of the Faithful together, the same prayers, but both in English and Dutch.

Afterwards there was an informal meeting. The people from the Dutch parish and the international students met with coffee, tea and cake. Also some university teachers and professors were there, as well as some former members. The oldest of them had been member during the 1950s. After celebrating Mass at their churches also Father Smits from Hengelo and Father Monninkhof came to congratulate the Ariëns students.

Also Olaf Bruggeling, former chairman of  Ariëns was there.
In his days the group was named RKSV Johannes.

After Mass we had a nice lunch at Punto Pasta. Also father Monninkhof joined.

Ice from Van der Poel served as 'toetje'.
On Ascension day, May 17 Ariëns Catholic Students Enschede visited the Saint Lambertus Basilica in Hengelo. Being the church nearest to the campus celebrating solemn Latin Masses (Novus Ordo) this church is, besides the Saint Paulus Church and Saint Jacobus Church from Enschede, a hotspot for Ariëns Catholic Students.

Ascension Day 2012 at Saint Lambert's Basilica Hengelo.
To end the festivities, Ariëns Catholic Students Enschede went to Utrecht to visit the Archdiocesan Palace. Bishop Hoogenboom was there to receive the group and celebrate Mass at his chapel.

Father Monninkhof and Bishop Hoogenboom praying
Bishop Hoogenboom showed us a relic of Saint Willibrord
After Mass bishop Hoogenboom served us a nice lunch at his garden.

Then we met historian Jan Hinke.
Here we are at the Willibrorduskerk, the church where Ariëns celebrated his first Mass.

At the Utrecht Dom Church

At Ariëns'  birth house

With great thanks to photographers Leo van der Zwan and Maurizio Burla!