Ariëns Music Ministry

Welcome at the webpage of the Ariëns Music Ministry, a ministry from the community of Ariëns Katholieke Studenten Enschede. Ariëns Music Ministry is a team of cantors/vocalists and instrumentalists aiming to accompany and to encourage the community to sing, usually with at least a lead vocalist (cantor) and an accompanying instrumentalist.

Our ministry started in 2011 by Annemarie and Aryo especially for the Enschede International Mass. Since 2011 the music ministry plays monthly at the International Mass. But we also play at other meetings for prayer, adoration, mass, at Ariëns Katholieke Studenten Enschede's events, parish events and diocesan events. We love to carry out our faith to the people of our generation, and to those younger and those older, sharing the holy joy of our relation with Christ.

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Current members (last update: August 2016):
Aryo: (Lead) Vocals, Organ, Piano
Claudio: Piano, Accordion, Vocals
Daniele: Vocals
Joanna: (Lead) Vocals, Piano, Contemporary Guitar
Juliette: Violin, Vocals
Léon: (Lead) Vocals
Maurice: Contemporary Guitar, Vocals
Michel: Trumpet, Vocals
Paola: (Lead) Vocals
Uun: Vocals

You would like to join? Contact us at rksariens at

The Ariëns Music Ministry at the Enschede International Mass:

A playlist of songs we often sing: